Thursday, July 26, 2012

Niket Kumar

Today(26th July 2012)  at the hasgeek's  event    (Hands on introduction to pig (Programming Language) )  fifthelephant. in Bangalore I met him. At last on the completion of the event we( the people who came there )  are on some discussion.
And then we had some discussion on Machine learning ,he explained me .
As I am staying in Bellandur ,he is living in koramangala in bangalore which is
nearer to my staying place So he dropped me at his home .
Personal Talk: I initially thought him as fresh graduate but he had married an MBA woman and she had a daughter.
He previously worked in Thought works,Yahoo etc.,

Note 2:Today is 3rd March 2012.
He told me about Amazon EC2 ,It helped me in hosting my website for free otherwise I would have bought server space.Not only that he told me about which later helped me and Rakesh to work on my startup called LifeMpire ( ofcourse it is a failure).

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