Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ameya Karve

He is my senior at IIT Madras .
He is from my hostel Saraswathi .
He is Lit Sec ( Literature Secretary ) ,you see the shield he is carrying .We ( Saraswathi hostel ) won it ,not an year but 4rth time consecutively .
He also plays football.
We generally talks on Coding. He is cool and awesome . He made so many apps.
He made Bunk-O-Meter,where one can note number of times he bunks the class .

S.Arul Jayachandran | Steel Design Professor at IIT Madras

He is a dynamic Professor I have ever seen at IIT Madras.
He teaches Steel Design at IIT Madras.
How is the first Class ?
He came to Class to teach his first class and told the course to take as Commitment
He asked is there anyone going to Self Study?
Haha I am the one who fed up with classes and Busy in making LifeMpire and raised my hand  after the class my class people thought me going rebelion. .After Some one month he told me to come to the class  asked have I studied anything and asked several questions on Steel Design in the whole class.
I replied I donno to the first question
to the second
Then he told me to come to the class.
He Encourages students a lot
Whenever someone answers a question he generally says
"Beauty My Dear".
"You made my day".

Here is his personal website where he writes himself