Thursday, October 02, 2014

Sheesh Mohsin

I needed a strong python developer for working  on one of our projects. I got to hire an intern, I just posted an Internship at Intershala website, soon I got 50 Applicants, I got to shortlist them. Interviewed some. Finally he is the one suiting the requirements who can work rightly.

He is from Bihar and doing engineering in West Bengal.

Like me he goes to the Hasgeek conferences. You may say going to programming conferences is a common thing for developers, but not for students. I rarely finds them.

Rajesh Samudrala

By the time I am writing this post, he is a 3rd year Civil engineering undergraduate at IIT Madras.
I met him for the first time while doing consultancy work for Phasorz Technologies. There, He used to work web development internee. He is sharp and focused on web development work, soon I realized he should be working with us at Kroods Technologies. He too was interested in working with us before even I have asked him.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Prudhvi Pamar Naik - The Real Helper

Prudhvi is my friend who is staying at 315, Saraswathi Hostel, IIT Madras.
He is an undergraduate Civil engineering BTech guy of my batch.

I heard so many people who helps people a lot. But he is the only person that I have moved with closely.
His weakness and strength is to help people, yes he helps too much not bothering about himself.

There are about 300 books in his room, when I want to read a new one, I go to his room for books.
He does crazy things like Henry david thoreau, who lived in forests ( He tries to prove his capabilities like making his  record of not sleeping for 54 hours.

Most of his friends know he helps, which makes them take advantage.
He is the second person from the left

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ameya Karve

He is my senior at IIT Madras .
He is from my hostel Saraswathi .
He is Lit Sec ( Literature Secretary ) ,you see the shield he is carrying .We ( Saraswathi hostel ) won it ,not an year but 4rth time consecutively .
He also plays football.
We generally talks on Coding. He is cool and awesome . He made so many apps.
He made Bunk-O-Meter,where one can note number of times he bunks the class .

S.Arul Jayachandran | Steel Design Professor at IIT Madras

He is a dynamic Professor I have ever seen at IIT Madras.
He teaches Steel Design at IIT Madras.
How is the first Class ?
He came to Class to teach his first class and told the course to take as Commitment
He asked is there anyone going to Self Study?
Haha I am the one who fed up with classes and Busy in making LifeMpire and raised my hand  after the class my class people thought me going rebelion. .After Some one month he told me to come to the class  asked have I studied anything and asked several questions on Steel Design in the whole class.
I replied I donno to the first question
to the second
Then he told me to come to the class.
He Encourages students a lot
Whenever someone answers a question he generally says
"Beauty My Dear".
"You made my day".

Here is his personal website where he writes himself

Friday, July 27, 2012

Joydeep Sen Sarma

Profile Picture
Who is he?
Co-Founder and Head  Qubole, India
Previously worked in Facebook,Yahoo,Oracle ( that's awesome) 
IIT B CSE graduate
How I know him?
just came to about him today( 27th july 2012) ,I am on  fifthelephant  Programme and it will be upto tomorrow evening .So He is on the stage on a Panel discussion ,and the hasgeek guys given a brief introduction slide on him.So I came to know him that he graduated in IIT Delhi,As my blood is also of IIT ( IIT Madras) .I immediately opened the laptop and searched for him on the web and  got his biography.
How I met Him: 
 So after the discussion he came down to the stage and approached him and introduced myself  saying that I am third year student at  IIT M,and I asked for a dinner then he given his number and told we can meet tomorrow lunch

Personal Talk:  As it is a panel discussion ,the moderator asked him some quesions,He has cracked jokes couple of times .I may suppose he does that in common.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Niket Kumar

Today(26th July 2012)  at the hasgeek's  event    (Hands on introduction to pig (Programming Language) )  fifthelephant. in Bangalore I met him. At last on the completion of the event we( the people who came there )  are on some discussion.
And then we had some discussion on Machine learning ,he explained me .
As I am staying in Bellandur ,he is living in koramangala in bangalore which is
nearer to my staying place So he dropped me at his home .
Personal Talk: I initially thought him as fresh graduate but he had married an MBA woman and she had a daughter.
He previously worked in Thought works,Yahoo etc.,

Note 2:Today is 3rd March 2012.
He told me about Amazon EC2 ,It helped me in hosting my website for free otherwise I would have bought server space.Not only that he told me about which later helped me and Rakesh to work on my startup called LifeMpire ( ofcourse it is a failure).

Monday, July 23, 2012

Srinivas Tamada - Web Development Blogger


He is the founder of 9lessons,
India's second technological blog (with respect to google ad sense, I came to know through some sources).

Personal Talk:
Whenever I used to google for PHP, ajax code. his website comes up.He is blogging at  9lessons  since 2009.
So there are lot of tutorials out there.
He has also some Social Networking site  which is in development state. I dont know whether he put up for the public or for the developers.
He made Facebook wall script himself and put if for sale which became so famous recenlty.
He is my favorite blogger on PHP codes and he inspired me a lot by the writes his blogs..

By the way any one of you know him? Comments please !!!

Sujeet Gholap

Sujeet Gholap
About: He is CSE graduating student of IIT Madras.
Personal Talk:
I came to know about him yesterday (24- 07 - 2012)  by the T5E,He did this summer intern in
facebook and I went to his profile and found this picture.He is one out of 4 internees at facebook from IIT Madras

I remember some 1 year ago I have seen his blog but then I didn't cared of the author but now again I came to see his blog .
When I went to his Photo Albums  ,He has some 20 albums with some hundrends of photos in total and he is posing like anything where I intuited that he has lot of Presentation skills in him

Thursday, July 05, 2012


I don't knew him before I introduced him  today(6th july 2012)  in the Himalaya Mess ,IIT M.He is in the ed department of IIT Madras(Narmada Hostel),Actually I came to know due to my friend Ch Manoj Kumar,Computer's student of my batch.
He is doing pressure sensor project under some Professor.I think everyone is interested about sensor's It's a great thing.He told me how the touch mobile works ! 

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Rohith Reddy

About Him at Desto:

Rohit has a natural habit of looking at a topic in-depth and critically analyse it. Breaking up a problem into bits and pieces and arriving at a feasible solution is an art that Rohit mastered. At Desto Creative Solutions, he uses his keen observation skills and establishes brilliant strategies every now and then.He read lot of books. He is pretty good at organizing things. Whenever Rohit is in a team, he is most likely to lead the team (very often by contradicting what others say!).

Personal touch: I don't remember his designation until after seeing his profile
in the desto. His designation for the Desto is "Co-Founder & Head, Business Development".
In 2011 or so He was the Head of Center for Innovation in IIT Madras
Once I was in in Desto, He called some college on phone for employing students into the
company then I was amazed by the way he has spoken. Desto is a company with 5 member team and now about 15 - 20 people are working for Desto.

Deepak Krishna alias Kpack

Deepak Krishna

He is the programming head at Desto.
He codes well,everyone in desto knows that.
According to me he is professional in back end web designing.

On 8th July 2012 Sandeep and I went to his room at ganga Hostel in IIT Madras,then he is working on some website.We had a booming music from the end of his wing.Whenever I thought of him,I remembers his interest in his music

Monday, June 25, 2012

Subhash Sv

Profile in google
He is a passout this year ,he is in electrical department of IIT M.
 How I know him:
I met him in the library of IIT Madras
He always talks with a smile and tells anything very cool
He told me about the ad blocker for browser It's awesome

Uppara Anil Kumar alias Anil

FB profile
How I know him:
On august 5 th 2010 or so ,
I came to IIT Madras.I put my lagauge in the room 370 went down near Internal Publicity Board( IP board). Someone is looking a chart , the chart contains room numbers of freshers that year, He is seeing near to 370, Just guessed him that he may be my roommate and started conversation

"Are you Anil Kumar?"
then he said "Yes,how do you know?"
then I told him that you are seeing room 370 in the chart carefully
so I assumed to be Anil Kumar
He is my room mate in the first year .We did so many crazy things in insti.

About Him :
He is also from the civil engineering department
Personally :
Whenever I think about him, I get the picture of Pawan Kalyan ,
He is the die Hard Fan of Pavan Kalyan and I can see Pawan Kalyan in Him.
He has innate ability to influence people and

Pothineni Sai Bhushan

Whenever I thinks about him
I gets a word to describe him "Intelligent"
that's all
How I know Him :
I know him after starting intern at Desto Creative Solutions
He is from the Computer Science Department of IIT Madras
And he is my batchmate
He seems to be lazy ,but hard working person
He Explores so much stuff in the LAN of IIT

Shreesh Chandra Chaudhary Alias Professor

IIT M profile
When you search for him in google (shreesh chaudhary)
you will get page full of results, and with time my blog post one of the top results in google.

How I know Him:
He is my Professor in Humanity Sciences Department in IIT Madras
My personal Opinon :I really feel proud  to have a professor like him. He  is 62 year old person ,I did was a class representative for his course named Modern Linguistics. He talks very clearly, he teaches really awesome , he gets the attention of students when he speaks.

I usually visit his home at taramani gate, IIT Madras. 
Here are the names of his books which looks quite interesting to every Indian

  • Local, Regional & Global : Dynamics of Language in a Global Time
  • Western tastes drain India of its rare gems
  • Will India Become an English Speaking Country?
  • Right to the Use of Mother Tongue
  • Language Policy of thee East India Company
  • English takes India from Raj to riche
  • Language Education, Language Modernization & Globalization
  • Testing Spoken English as a Second Language
  • Speaking to the Global Village
  • Syllable Types and Conspiracies in Maithili and Maithili Spoken English
  • Making Sense of Spelling and Pronunciation
  • Reducing Barriers in Communication across Indian Languages: An AI&ES approach
  • Issues on the Phonology of Indian English

One day I called him for a meeting then he asked me whether there is something important to show him then I replied yes, he told that he can give only 10 minutes,
actually at that time I don't know what to discuss exactly and that reply of  
the professor made me to think on clear agenda of the meeting.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ruchi Sanghavi

facebook profile
Know about her company cove
when i am seeing about the news feed in the facebook features of wiki pages
i came to see that  in september 6,2006
Ruchi Sanghavi announced a new home page feature called News Feed
then i searched for her
and went to facebook profile
you can this

History by Year
Left Job at Facebook
Launched News Feed
Started Working at Facebook
Graduated from Carnegie Mellon University

When she worked in facebook
she did these things
2005 to 2010

  • Facebook Platform with Dave Morin
  • Facebook Connectwith Dave Morin
  • News Feed with Alexey Maykov
  • News Feed with Eric Fisher
  • Engagement with Ben Hiller

Presently she is a counder of a company cove but it was acquired by drop box

 Sanghvi  was  well-respected at Facebook, where she lead product efforts from 2005 to 2010. Sanghvi oversaw the Facebook Platform and News Feed was first female engineer at Facebook.

This 12 minute Ink talk video has a lot of content in it.See it .It's awesome 
recommend you.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chaitanya Munukutla

Chaitanya Munukutla 
I met him in Desto,he is my batchmate in engineering but He is from Computer Science Department.He is the  person who showed me interesting stuff in the windows 8 operating system.
He is a front end web designer.We jointly did the website where the blood donars
can share their blood details and the hospitals will log in and can search for the nearest blood donars

By the Experience in working for the
presently he is writing a book

He himself made the design of the cover design It's really awesome.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Ravi Teja G alias Grt1710


His faceboook fan page
My life at IIT M ,blog of ravi teja

About Ravi in FaceBook.

lefthander, iitian, Mechanical engineer, Graphic/Web Designer, Multimedia enthusiast, writer, blogger, Netizen, freelancer, atheist etc.
My View :
When I met Him ?
I met him at Desto, he is the cofounder of Desto Creative Solutions.
Ravi Teja G written by Me:
Hewas the core of Saarang.
I know before meeting him because he was a blogger and I read some of his blogs previous year.

His standard username is grt1710,  if you search for this you will get some 5500 results. From this we can understand how his influence over the web.
He was pass out of IIT Madras,Now he is staying outside the campus. 
he started cooking and doing experiments. Those guys who all stay with ravi says that if one
recipe fails they starts another .
He feels that the comfort in campus life  is more than now, this may be due to his early startup.


Imran Parvez alias Chilli


About in facebook:
He was a student at IIT Madras. He is extremely passionate about design. You can mail him at

About him by Me:

He was head of Innovation and quality at Desto. I met him after getting started internship in Desto on
 may 6th 2012. He was Saarang ( The Cultural Festival of IIT Madras) Core in his third year.
His designs are really awesome.You can see his peronal website here imranparvez