Friday, July 27, 2012

Joydeep Sen Sarma

Profile Picture
Who is he?
Co-Founder and Head  Qubole, India
Previously worked in Facebook,Yahoo,Oracle ( that's awesome) 
IIT B CSE graduate
How I know him?
just came to about him today( 27th july 2012) ,I am on  fifthelephant  Programme and it will be upto tomorrow evening .So He is on the stage on a Panel discussion ,and the hasgeek guys given a brief introduction slide on him.So I came to know him that he graduated in IIT Delhi,As my blood is also of IIT ( IIT Madras) .I immediately opened the laptop and searched for him on the web and  got his biography.
How I met Him: 
 So after the discussion he came down to the stage and approached him and introduced myself  saying that I am third year student at  IIT M,and I asked for a dinner then he given his number and told we can meet tomorrow lunch

Personal Talk:  As it is a panel discussion ,the moderator asked him some quesions,He has cracked jokes couple of times .I may suppose he does that in common.

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