Sunday, March 09, 2014

Prudhvi Pamar Naik - The Real Helper

Prudhvi is my friend who is staying at 315, Saraswathi Hostel, IIT Madras.
He is an undergraduate Civil engineering BTech guy of my batch.

I heard so many people who helps people a lot. But he is the only person that I have moved with closely.
His weakness and strength is to help people, yes he helps too much not bothering about himself.

There are about 300 books in his room, when I want to read a new one, I go to his room for books.
He does crazy things like Henry david thoreau, who lived in forests ( He tries to prove his capabilities like making his  record of not sleeping for 54 hours.

Most of his friends know he helps, which makes them take advantage.
He is the second person from the left

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