Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Rohith Reddy

About Him at Desto:

Rohit has a natural habit of looking at a topic in-depth and critically analyse it. Breaking up a problem into bits and pieces and arriving at a feasible solution is an art that Rohit mastered. At Desto Creative Solutions, he uses his keen observation skills and establishes brilliant strategies every now and then.He read lot of books. He is pretty good at organizing things. Whenever Rohit is in a team, he is most likely to lead the team (very often by contradicting what others say!).

Personal touch: I don't remember his designation until after seeing his profile
in the desto. His designation for the Desto is "Co-Founder & Head, Business Development".
In 2011 or so He was the Head of Center for Innovation in IIT Madras
Once I was in in Desto, He called some college on phone for employing students into the
company then I was amazed by the way he has spoken. Desto is a company with 5 member team and now about 15 - 20 people are working for Desto.

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