Monday, June 25, 2012

Uppara Anil Kumar alias Anil

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How I know him:
On august 5 th 2010 or so ,
I came to IIT Madras.I put my lagauge in the room 370 went down near Internal Publicity Board( IP board). Someone is looking a chart , the chart contains room numbers of freshers that year, He is seeing near to 370, Just guessed him that he may be my roommate and started conversation

"Are you Anil Kumar?"
then he said "Yes,how do you know?"
then I told him that you are seeing room 370 in the chart carefully
so I assumed to be Anil Kumar
He is my room mate in the first year .We did so many crazy things in insti.

About Him :
He is also from the civil engineering department
Personally :
Whenever I think about him, I get the picture of Pawan Kalyan ,
He is the die Hard Fan of Pavan Kalyan and I can see Pawan Kalyan in Him.
He has innate ability to influence people and

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