Monday, June 25, 2012

Shreesh Chandra Chaudhary Alias Professor

IIT M profile
When you search for him in google (shreesh chaudhary)
you will get page full of results, and with time my blog post one of the top results in google.

How I know Him:
He is my Professor in Humanity Sciences Department in IIT Madras
My personal Opinon :I really feel proud  to have a professor like him. He  is 62 year old person ,I did was a class representative for his course named Modern Linguistics. He talks very clearly, he teaches really awesome , he gets the attention of students when he speaks.

I usually visit his home at taramani gate, IIT Madras. 
Here are the names of his books which looks quite interesting to every Indian

  • Local, Regional & Global : Dynamics of Language in a Global Time
  • Western tastes drain India of its rare gems
  • Will India Become an English Speaking Country?
  • Right to the Use of Mother Tongue
  • Language Policy of thee East India Company
  • English takes India from Raj to riche
  • Language Education, Language Modernization & Globalization
  • Testing Spoken English as a Second Language
  • Speaking to the Global Village
  • Syllable Types and Conspiracies in Maithili and Maithili Spoken English
  • Making Sense of Spelling and Pronunciation
  • Reducing Barriers in Communication across Indian Languages: An AI&ES approach
  • Issues on the Phonology of Indian English

One day I called him for a meeting then he asked me whether there is something important to show him then I replied yes, he told that he can give only 10 minutes,
actually at that time I don't know what to discuss exactly and that reply of  
the professor made me to think on clear agenda of the meeting.



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  2. Well, it is really these teachers and professors who shape our mind and lead us through the path of wisdom but with great difficulty, for one thing and that is our better and stable future.

    One always misses h/er university...
    Once you are out the world is worst than that of the books we read in our curriculum.

    Nicely written piece of Bibliography. Keep on adding names and keep on developing.