Friday, June 08, 2012

Ravi Teja G alias Grt1710


His faceboook fan page
My life at IIT M ,blog of ravi teja

About Ravi in FaceBook.

lefthander, iitian, Mechanical engineer, Graphic/Web Designer, Multimedia enthusiast, writer, blogger, Netizen, freelancer, atheist etc.
My View :
When I met Him ?
I met him at Desto, he is the cofounder of Desto Creative Solutions.
Ravi Teja G written by Me:
Hewas the core of Saarang.
I know before meeting him because he was a blogger and I read some of his blogs previous year.

His standard username is grt1710,  if you search for this you will get some 5500 results. From this we can understand how his influence over the web.
He was pass out of IIT Madras,Now he is staying outside the campus. 
he started cooking and doing experiments. Those guys who all stay with ravi says that if one
recipe fails they starts another .
He feels that the comfort in campus life  is more than now, this may be due to his early startup.


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