Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Narendra Meka

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At present he is the Intermediate head ( I suppose)  of the Sasi Institutions. Last sunday he and  his wife kranthi Akka came to Chennai with some 50 top students who graduated from Sasi Institution for an Educational and recreational tour I showed them my campus, IIT Madras Campus .
During that time
he told lot of things I liked them that can be summarized as
acceptance ,
the nature does not accept any change
for that he given me this example
A seed sprawls from the earth and becomes a large tree with time. Initially when the seed sprawl from the earth there may be  a rock above the seed.If it competes with the rock it will die but it wont but it  will come aside where there is no rock and becomes a large tree here the thing is that
rock is not accepting the the seed to grow ,but it didnt stopped sprawling finally the seed became bigger than the rock
In the same way whenever you starts something people around you wont accept it immediately but  it takes some time it may be a week ,a month or an year but once when people gets into your way everyone starts  turning to you
You may start your service or product, if you work with  dedication  on day comes where others will know and kranthi akka then added this "during your  journey never go to disappointment do your work"
He suggested me a book, Good to great ,Now I am reading that book it's awesome

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