Friday, June 08, 2012

Bhargava Ram Kanda

fb profile

He is my department senior at IIT Madras.I know him at the end of the second year.
After getting into the Desto,(where I did my Intern ).
I seen his profile at the website,and went to his room
at Alakananda Hostel
His hometown town is nearer to mine,so When I talked to him,I talked like a person who I knew
for several years,I think the near persons have more similarities

Now I told him about how I lived in the campus for  2 years.

What I liked in him most is

He listened to me whatever I said
He didn't interrupted me in the middle of a conversation

He worked for the unmetric website now It is
is in tech crunch
It's great to see this post
Tech Crunch

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